Friends & Partners


A Plus Security Services

Alex Millie, Compology

Alfredo Guilbert, Software Developer

Armand Consulting, Engingeering Consulting Firm

Asy Dhaif, Designer

Chomp, Dining Out App

Dan Cheung, Software Developer

Daniella Hirschfeld, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley

David Brooks, Artist

Disconnect, Personal Information Security

Drew Wright, Product Designer and Artist

Dwight Baker, Videographer and Editor

Edward Schlesinger, Script-Writer and Story-Board Artist

Greg Corby, Digital product design, web design, branding & identity 

Greg McNamara, Industrial Designer

Gil Castro, Video-Game Animator

Jack Taylor, Artist

Jasmine Gardiner, Hive Health, Personal Health Data Management

Jon Ruiz, Product Design 

Katherine Xu, Illustrator

Leanne Lai, Artist

Lena Lee, Artist

Mark Schoeller, Video, Film, Music, Story creation

Melanie Mesanque, Health IT

Michael Yee, Life Science Education

Locate.AI, Real Estate Data Analytics

Ozmotik, Marketing Analytics

Pillars of Food, Food Safety Training and Certification

Plutonium MOTO, Stylish and Safe Motorcycle Gear for Women

QODA, On-Demand Roadside Assistance

The City Eats, Nonprofit that Feeds the Homeless


Roo, Health Care

Sherrill Lawrence, Artist, Educator, Actor

Susan MacCarthy, Writer, Author, Journalist

Theodore Chen, Immigration Attorney

Troy Stevens, Product Design

Zoondka – Database Services



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Fueled Collective


Spark Labs