“SHARED was my second home for 3 years, while I grew my e-commerce gifts company from 1 to 5 employees. I can’t image a more supportive place to have done this! Since our products are hand-made, we needed a space that could bridge the gap between an artist studio and a traditional co-working space. After touring many spaces, it was clear that SHARED was the only space in San Francisco that was accommodating to both artists and office/tech workers. Marilyn, the owner, operates the space from her core values of community and creation. She was always respectful, accommodating and genuinely supportive of all artists and businesses who shared the space. The sunny, quiet shared space on the top floor has large lights and skylights; such a gem to work out of!” — Anna V., Paper Anniversary

“SHARED is a subtle and under-rated co-working space in SOMA. If you want to get away from the circus and focus on your work in an inspiring environment, this is a place for you. When you enter, there is an art space to the right and music is playing on this floor. It’s a very creative space. On the 2nd floor, where I had a private office, it’s more sunny and extremely quiet. I was there for almost three years and it was a super special beginning to my startup. Thanks Marilyn!” — Raj Seth, Recruiterbox

“SHARED is a great space for creatives and entrepreneurs and I love the energy there. I appreciate the flexibility of the physical space – I started teaching my ukulele classes there in a small meeting room and was able to expand easily as my class size grew. SHARED also provides high speed internet. The parking and location are super convenient. Thanks to Marilyn for welcoming my ukulele class at SHARED.” — Cynthia Lin, musician

“If you’re looking for a new coworking space that’s clean, zen and not a bro coding factory, then Shared is your jam. The owner, Marilyn, is absolutely delightful and accommodating. You’ll meet a great mix of people here, from artists to engineers to musicians, and it’s a nice breath of fresh air (I work in tech and appreciate the variety). Location is fantastic, pricing is affordable, and the entire place has good energy. You must check it out.” Sophia E.

“As an artist, I’ve been renting a private studio at Shared and love showing off the space to friends and clients. There’s a great vibe amongst fellow Shared members. Shared has everything you need to get the creative juices flowing!” — Anna Sweet, artist

“I’ve worked in several Bay Area-based co-working spaces and SHARED is certainly the best. Great owner (Marilyn), very well kept building, accessible location and AMAZING value.” — Bri James, Scrumpt

“SHARED has been our (work) home since the day it opened. Marilyn who runs SHARED created a great space that gives you a place to work from, and a community to exchange ideas with. People span all sorts of different backgrounds, from tech to art, fashion, and media. Our company works in one of the private offices, but from what I hear from other people working here, the shared workspace is nice, and you can rent lockers to stash away your stuff (including screens/keyboards etc). In addition to that, SHARED offers workshops, classes, and events, some are more serious, some are just aimed at learning new fun things. For example I took an intro course to the Ukulele. To give you a sense of just how basic the level was: I’ve never played an instrument before. From a more pragmatic standpoint: SHARED has all amenities you need, including WiFi and a fully stocked kitchen.” — Michael P.

“Our company is very lucky to have a space at SHARED. Marilyn does a great job of building a community of hard workers and keeping the place tidy and organized. Going into work at SHARED is truly a pleasure!” Rachel Z., Clearly Kombucha

“SHARED is exactly how it sounds; a shared, communal workplace with a emphasis on community. Being an apparel designer, it’s rather difficult to find a shared office space in the city that caters to my profession. The first time i entered this beautiful building a year ago, I became enthralled that the space had a dedicated sewing station, complete with an industrial sewing machine, pattern cutting table, industrial dress form, as well as a commercial serger. The owner, Marilyn, is as friendly and helpful as it gets. Being an apparel designer herself, it was great to bounce ideas and questions off her and get a real and honest answer. If you are an artist looking for a quiet, clean workplace with flexible hours, this is the place for you. Don’t trust me? Then go schedule an appointment and let Marilyn show you where your prospective creation could reside.” –Danny D.

“I’m truly thankful for having found this awesome space in the heart of the the city. Not only is it clean and well equipped, but it also has a great atmosphere with fantastic people. Marilyn is amazing, taking care of everything and I have nothing to complain about. The co-working space is great to work on a project or an early stage startup.” — Dimitri A.

“SHARED is really great. I’m pretty quiet and don’t talk to strangers much but the people I meet at SHARED are friendly and incredibly approachable. Many of them are different from your typical San Francisco techie (which I am) so it’s really awesome to get to know a diverse range of people, including artists, designers, photographers, musicians, writers, startup folks, etc. Marilyn (who owns the space) is super friendly too, and she has a kickass weekly group sewing lesson that is only $20 for 3 hours (or $15 if you buy 3 at a time, or are a SHARED member). This is dirt cheap since she is super helpful, knowledgeable, has been sewing for decade, and has her own made-to-wear line. The classes are usually limited to 3-4 people, so she always has time to help every person. I come here all the time and there’s always lots of space available!” — Jennifer J.