If you can’t find what you need here, feel free to ask membership@shared-sf.com.

Q: What kind of people are SHARED members?

A: SHARED members are a diverse group of creative people. We define “creative” as anyone who builds, designs, or invents something (not limited to tangible things).

Q: How do I know if there will be room for me when I want to work at SHARED?

A: We keep a close watch on how our Members use the space. We will always keep our membership level at a comfortable place for everyone. If you are having trouble getting access to what you need, please contact us right away at membership@shared-sf.com

Q: How do I pay for membership?

A: We accept Cash, Checks, Dwolla, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards. Membership dues can be debited each month, automatically, for your convenience.

Q: Can I change my membership level once I’ve signed up?

A: Yes, just fill out and submit the below Membership Change/Cancellation Form. All membership level changes and membership cancellation requests must be received before the 15th of the month prior to when you would like the change to take effect. Any membership changes received after the 15th will become effective the following month.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: You may apply for a discounted rate membership. In exchange for the discounted rate the member will volunteer at SHARED a set number of hours per month. Discounted rates are good for six months.

Q: Why does the discounted rate expire?

A: We offer a discounted rate to keep SHARED accessible. In order to have the discounted rate available to new/different members, the discount expires. Members can re-apply for the discounted rate when it expires.

Q: How much does it cost to use one of the meeting rooms?

A: Meeting rooms are reserved in increments of an hour or by day. There are hourly and day rates for members and non-members of SHARED. Rates vary from time of day and day of week.

Q: What is your guest policy?

A: We welcome collaboration and guests, be they colleagues, partners, clients, visitors, or friends. For meetings of thirty minutes or less, feel free to use the shared space. For meetings of more than thirty minutes, please book a meeting room.

You may also purchase a day-pass for a guest for $25.

Q: Can Members get Day-passes?

A: Yes, if you have an Access-Only Membership and want to come on a day or time that is not in your membership-tier you may purchase a Day-pass. Day-pass is $25. Evening/weekend pass $10.

Q: Can I put my membership on hold?

A: Yes, memberships can be placed on hold for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months per year.

Q: Is a security deposit required?

A: Yes, a refundable deposit equal to one month’s membership rate is required.

Q: Can I rent SHARED to hold a class/workshop?

A: Yes, SHARED is available M-F after 6pm and weekends for classes/workshops. Space rental fees are based on class size. Number of students + 10 = Rental Rate. Example: Class of 10 students = $20/hour. Usage times should include set-up and clean-up time. Pricing is based on scheduling a minimum three classes and at a minimum frequency of one class per month.

Q: Can I rent SHARED for an event?

A: Yes, the first floor and second floor shared work-spaces are available for event rental.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: SHARED understands that your privacy is important to you. It is our policy not to sell your private personally identifiable information that you provide to us via this website to any third parties that are not related to SHARED or its affiliates, or subsequent owners of them. If you provide your credit card information to us for a transaction over the web, it is also our policy to charge your credit card only for the amount and for the transaction we understand you have authorized. We will use information about you in a variety of ways, for example, for promotions, to complete your transactions, to communicate with you, to assist us in marketing analysis and efforts and other ways.